Footage Review Reveals Project Plan

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Mascara del Diablo de Elias Pina

Ruben projected footage up on the screen while Rachel and I took notes of what our two-year project had so far netted us. We missed Michael but all agreed he shot some gorgeous footage. Taking inventory we noted we have full coverage of Los Negros, Gaga; both urban and rural and Las Cachuas. But it was evident early we lacked Cocoricamo & Las Tifuas and Máscaras del Diablo. It didn’t take us long to decide … we have to find a way to go back, at least one more trip. Easter 2014 is the next opportunity.

One more trip where we have to be in two places at one time. Cocoricamo & Las Tifuas are located in San Juan De la Maguana while Máscaras del Diablo are in Elias Pina.

Lucky for us we discovered a terrific native filmmaker and gave him an assignment to prove himself during Easter 2013. We reviewed Mibsan’s footage of the Catholic celebrations in the Colonial Zone of Santo Domingo on the big screen. Wow. The kid has skills. In our Colores documentary, we had the opportunity of exposing a couple of master mask makers to a wider population willing to pay for their art. Maybe we can get Mibsan some more gigs but hopefully not during Easter 2014.

Our plan is to add Mibsan to the team and divide ourselves up in the most economical way to cover both groups and locations to finish filming in 2014.

So it’s official. We are returning to the Dominican Republic for Semana Santa (Holy Week) 2014 and we will begin fund-raising and applying for grants very soon.

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