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DR beisbol winThat’s right, it’s production time!
Happy semana santa to all of you (and good pesach). We are finally headed off to the Dominican Republic to gather footage for our film.

We’re looking forward to meeting up with Dagoberto Tejada and Mariano Hernández in Santo Domingo. Once there, we’ll our team and enjoy sancocho with friends and family.  The plan is to head out early Thursday morning in order to reach Elías Piña (near the border of Haiti) in time to capture some of the day’s and night’s festivities.  It is exciting to get back to the island, to see old friends and make new ones, to visit regions we haven’t seen before, and learn about other Dominican traditions. We’re especially thrilled that so many interesting people have already agreed to be interviewed for the film – this includes a woman chief of gagá chief.  More details about this to come (!).

Can’t wait to share with you pictures, footage, and stories of our travels. We don’t yet know what we will find. But we do know we wouldn’t be able to make this journey without all of our many supporters.  As always, many thanks for your time (shout out to Ronny Quevedo for your help with sound), for telling your community about our work (yei, Cultura Latina Houston), and for each of you who contributed whatever dollars you were able (so often from one artist to another). All of you make this trip possible and we carry you with us on our journey!

Yours truly,

Rachel and the Team

p.s. You think Dominicans on the island will still be celebrating the World Baseball Championship win when we get there?

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