• Negro de la Joya

    Los Negros »

    Los Negros come out the morning of Easter signifying recreation for adults and terror for children. They become guardians of behavior during the year for the children of the community. Dagoberto Tejeda

  • Cachua Elder

    Cachúa Elder in Cabral »

    the cachúas are an embodiment of “the tension between freedom and slavery.” Pedro Muamba Tujibikile

  • Cabral_2013

    Cachúa Mask »

    Reveler wearing traditional Cachúa mask. Easter Monday 2013. This celebration ends with a ceremony at the cemetery on top of the graves of their ancestors. 

  • Gaga2013

    Gagá in Elías Piña »

    Bautista’s Gagá revelers in Elías Piña. Good Friday, 2013.

  • Gaga_2_2013

    Cimarron descendants in Elías Piña »

    Waiting for Gagá. Easter Saturday 2013. 

  • Mascara_D2013

    Máscara del Diablo »

    On Easter Saturday they stealthily remove the masks, place them on top of each other, and burn them without saying a word, and after a purification ritual, collect the ashes and irrigate the fields as a fertility ritual before the arrival of spring. Dagoberto Tejeda

     Michelle wearing Máscara del Diablo. Elias Piña, Easter week 2013.

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There is a country in the world located in the path of the sun. A native of the night. Set in an unlikely archipelago of sugar and alcohol. ~Pedro Mir

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